Meditation music, Relaxation, Space music, Instrumental, Spiritual, New Age by Gulan

Welcome to the World of Meditation, Relaxation, New Age & Space music

Gulan is the pseudonym of a composer from Latvia who creates electronic music in various styles, such as: ambient, meditative, instrumental, space music and new age. His real name is Andrei Yaromir Gulaikin (also Andrei Gulaikin). He was born in Riga in 1974, studied piano at a music school, and took electronic keyboard private lessons. While mastering the synthesizer the young musician became immersed into the universe of synthetic sounds and the harmony of electronic music.

His compositions are filled with multilayer sounds and simple musical phrases that combine to create cosmic associations in the mind of the listener. Interesting combinations of synthetic/acoustic sounds and effects, unusual melodic designs make his music both original and mysterious. Gulan has devoted much of his time to practical meditation, as well as creating musical background compositions for these exercises. This kind of music is called “ambient” or “meditative” and its task is to help relax the mind and body in order to immerse the listener’s “point of perception” into the depth of consciousness. This kind of music easily accomplishes the task of attaining the meditative state and helps simply to be. Albums of meditative music with are recorded by the musician separately from all other albums, made in the style of melodic new age or space themes. About two thirds of all albums released by the author belong to the meditative genre.

Since 2004, Gulan’s compositions have been regularly played on radio stations across the globe - Alien Air Music, Hearts of Space (a radio syndicate broadcasting space music to more than 220 radio stations in 49 states), The Cosmic Eye – in the USA;  ARFM, Terry Hawke Spacerock & Ambient Radio in UK; Happyday New Age Radio in South Korea; Inner Space Radio in Croatia; Music of the Spheres in Belarus; Electroland (covering 15 FM stations in the Benelux countries) in Denmark; Ison Live Radio in Australia, as well as Internet radio - Digitally Imported Radio; StillStream Radio, TC Radioshow in the Netherlands and in many other countries. The author’s compositions are played on TV channels of Russia, Slovenia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, and also used in theatrical and dance performances and drama musicals.


In 2006, New Vibes Music (USA) signed a contract with Gulan for the inclusion of two of his compositions in their new album of new-age performers "Echoes of Tuvalu". In August of the same year, this album rose to the top # 1 spot on the New Age reporter chart (its real name is Zone Music Reporter), which provides album reviews and collects playlists from over 100 thematic radio stations around the world.

In 2015, Helmar Rudolph, a German lecturer and custodian of the Master Key system, released a collection of Gulan’s music entitled “Cloudwalk” in both CD and digital format. Helmar argues: "When you first discover the sounds of Gulan, they naturally suffuse your being, leading to a true transformation."

Gulan collaborated with Indian yoga schools and sound therapy centers (Shree Mahesh Heritage, Wellness Vibe Research Center and also other private teachers of yoga, reiki and meditation), providing them with his music for meditative and relaxation practices/sessions. He also offers licenses for the use of his tracks to video/film makers, poets, reciters, video bloggers, film directors and cinema students for the use in their projects - festivals, debuts, short films, documentaries, video clips, audio books, book trailers, presentations, serials and so on. You can find quite a few of this musician’s tracks on YouTube with millions of views and a lot of comments on both the channels of common and professional users. Projects, created by the author, have received numerous positive reviews from producers, radio DJs and music critics.

In 2015, Gulan created a new meditative musical project called Deep Meditation Studio. In 2019, a new 26-minute meditative single “The Sound Plumes of Paramatma” was released, which helps to temporarily break out of the daily routine and to dive into the depth of consciousness.

Albums of Gulan's works are available for purchase in all popular online music stores: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Google Music, Yandex Music, SoundExchange, Napster, Pandora, Deezer, 7Digital, 8tracks, Akazoo, iMusica, InProdicon , KKBox, Kdigital, Line Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Saavn, SoundExchange, Synchtank, etc.

Important note for fans. Music albums such as "Avatara" and "Enliven" are not composed by Gulan, and were created by other composers with the same name. The existing misunderstanding should be resolved by digital distribution stores soon.