Meditation music, Relaxation, Space music, Instrumental, Spiritual, New Age by Gulan

Welcome to the World of Meditation, Relaxation, New Age & Space music


Gulan is one of the stalwarts in the universe of electronic music known under various names such as space music, ambient, or new age music. It is a kind of fusion music that touches several genres, but doesn't confine to a single one. The music creates deep feelings in the mind that touch the consciousness of the listener. It is popularly used as background music for relaxation activities such as meditation and activities improving mind power and concentration. It creates a kind of otherworldly effect in the minds of the listeners as stand-alone foreground music also.


With a string of beautiful songs that confidently bore the technical mastery of their creator, Gulan became known as a young virtuoso among music enthusiasts. Not only were the music pundits impressed by the dazzling array of never-before-heard kind of music, ordinary people also started feeling the hypnotic effect of the new brand of spacemusic. It was as if he was bringing a new genre of music from the outer universe.


In 2015 Gulan creates a new translimiting meditation music project called Deep Meditation Studio.